Learning Centre

We like to think that some of our perspectives are a little different to ideas portrayed in the sales and service space.

We’ve summarised some of those thoughts in the white papers which you can access here as well as in our cartoons on the industry.

At LimeBridge Australia we are privileged in having access to the thinking and learning's of our sister LimeBridge companies and their management.

We’ve made some of their thinking available in the “Learn from the leaders” documents. You’ll also see details of the book co-authored by LimeBridge director David Jaffe and US LimeBridge leader Bill Price. It’s now been translated into two languages and become a global best seller. It was even listed among the top ten CRM books of the last decade.

The video interviews were made at our Chief Customer Officer Forums when two global practitioners came to visit.

Last and not least are the cartoons that we work on every year with the immensely talented Jon Kudelka. Please feel to download them and use in your presentations and posters.

We hope you find this material interesting.