Book 2: Your Customer Rules! Me2B

Delivering the Me2B Experiences That Todays Customers Demand

Now more than ever, every interaction you have with customers is critical. Customers today have unlimited information at their fingertips—and can influence the purchase decisions and behaviors of millions of others. With this comes a shift in the balance of power, and every company must come to terms with the fact that the customer is in control. Interacting with customers in the way they want is an essential business strategy and in many industries, the key to business success.


What you need to know about your customers

Executives still refer to B2B and B2C business models, as though companies control demand by going to customers with products and services. But as Bill Price and David Jaffe (authors of The Best Service is No Service) show, a new business model is emerging in which the customer directs the relationship. It is becoming a world of "Me2B"—one in which the customer, not the business, dictates the terms of engagement. In order for your business to thrive, you must create positive experiences to fulfill a range of customer needs.

Though the mediums for customer engagement continuously evolve, Price and Jaffe show that customer needs remain unchanging. In Your Customer Rules!, they define a critical hierarchy of seven needs that your company can meet and apply as a methodology.

Throughout this practical guidebook, Price and Jaffe share examples of companies who succeed by meeting these seven needs, including Amazon, Apple, IKEA, Nordstrom, USAA, Shoes of Prey, Vente-Privee, and Yamato Transport, as well as those that didn't. Your Customer Rules! offers tailored advice for companies at every stage, from nimble startups to legacy firms with established customer service practices—and everyone in between.

With a simple, elegant solution for driving lasting value for customers, Your Customer Rules! is a clear guide for strengthening customer relationships and competing on more than price. It is essential reading for executives at all levels—business owners, marketing managers, and anyone who works directly with customers.


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“Price and Jaffe continue to challenge business thinking on how to interact with customers. Your Customer Rules! is essential reading for the changes in business today.”

—Jane S. Hemstritch, board member, Commonwealth Bank Australia, Santos, and Lend Lease


“Price and Jaffe have made it clear that all companies need to respond to a customer-driven Me2B world. The seven needs they define represent great building blocks for a customer-oriented business. Your Customer Rules! provides a great guide for all companies to develop their strategy.”

—Stephen C. Lundin, coauthor, FISH! series


“Price and Jaffe are shrewd observers of the customer experience scene, and in Your Customer Rules! they outline their findings on what may be the most profound transformation of commerce since the advent of markets. If you want your own business to survive even the next decade, you need to understand these concepts, and the sooner the better!”

—Don Peppers, founding partner, Peppers & Rogers Group, coauthor, Extreme Trust


“As Price and Jaffe cover so well in Your Customer Rules!, the concept of ‘the customer is in charge‘ requires alignment throughout the entire organization, including support partners. They share many great stories that you can apply to make it easy for customers to work with you, positively surprise them, and address their other critical needs.”

—Bert Quintana, chairman and CEO, Sitel


“Price and Jaffe bring to light a much needed and modern view of service strategy in a world where customers have unprecedented power and employee engagement is more important than ever. In the Me2B world, service flaws become magnified, viral, and destructive. Leaders and organizations can’t hide. Your Customer Rules! will enable the delivery of a service experience that customers demand and employees will embrace using new mediums, technologies, and strategies.”

—Scott Tweedy, vice president, customer service, T-Mobile


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