Book 1: The Best Service is No Service

The Best Service is No ServiceA new direction in customer service?

With customer satisfaction and customer loyalty levels flat or declining in most industries, companies are scrambling to find solutions that meet short term necessities and provide lasting change. In the The Best Service is No Service, Bill Price and co-author David Jaffe describe a paradigm shift that moves the emphasis from accepting demand to challenging demand for customer-initiated contacts.

Straightforward ideas

The Best Service is No Service, available now in the US and April 2, 2008 in Australia, challenges the underlying reasons why customers find themselves having to contact companies, often over and over again for the same issue or problem, and offers solutions for how companies can reduce customer contact rates significantly.


"If you believe, as I do, that earning the trust of your customers is the most direct route to long-term success for a business, then this is the book for you." Read more: Don Pepper's review of Best Service is No Service on Amazon today!

The Financial Times says this about The Best Service is No Service:

"Achieving "no service" status unleashes a hugely positive win-win. Customers don't have to invest time and hassle trying to sort problems out. The company does not have to invest resources dealing with inquiries. This means less cost for both, greater value for both.

Once we accept the premise that, generally speaking, the size of a company's customer service operations is in inverse proportion to the quality of its underlying operations, the way forward is obvious. Root out those underlying defects and improve operational quality so that, one by one, customers' needs for particular areas of service melt away."

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