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Check out our new book... Your Customer Rules! Me2B

Check out our new book... Your Customer Rules! Me2B


Customer Service and the Customer Experience

Many companies appear to have identical products and services. Few companies can differentiate their products for too long as they are quickly copied. So what enables companies to build loyal customers and charge a premium for them? Increasingly the differentiator is the experience that customers have in dealing with the organisation to purchase the product or change their relationship with it (and this equally applies to government bodies and monopoly service providers).

In other words it is customer service and the sales processes that are the critical elements of the customer experience. So if the customer experience is becoming the new corporate battleground then customer service and the sales processes are the front line of the battle. But we find that few companies understand the experience they are delivering and many only measure a fragment of it (like wait time). We can help as we have unique ways to diagnose what is happening at "the front line". We can analyse the end to end service and sales experiences and the effectiveness of these. Read more on our "diagnose opportunities" solution.

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