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Client Outcomes

We are proud of the results we achieve with our clients. In most projects we get in excess of 20% efficiency improvements whilst at the same time improving the customer experience. As you will see in the following case studies we have worked in a range of industries and channels – both in the front and back office. These case studies demonstrate our focus on achieving results and passion for improving the customer experience.

Offshore Telco

Omni channel options were not being exploited and unnecessary processes were driving up customer effort. Within weeks, our best practice procedures and management framework reduced handle times by 9% while NPS improved to above 70%. The new model generated $1m of annual savings and reduced speed to competency of new recruits by 50%.

Offshore Retail Network

We designed a model store with proven best practice sales procedures.  The pilot saw customers taking higher packages that were better suited to their needs, driving an increase in NPS of over 40% while increasing high-value contract plans by 200%.

Energy Retailer

We recommended a two-tiered contact centre structure, identifying many call process improvements as well as a way to integrate email handling. The new model reduced customer effort by 30%, improved first contact resolution and saw dramatic improvements in sales outcomes.


Our quick wins removed the 4-week backlog, then we implemented a new operating model that reduced handle time on calls by 45%, prevented 40% of complaints escalating to full-blown investigations and halved the average time to resolution of investigations.


Ben Beasley

I have been working with LimeBridge for the last 18 months in the creation and implementation of a very successful, frontline led global transformation programme.
Together we have implemented a rapid accelerator programme in over 20 countries with excellent results in revenue generation, customer experience and benefit realisation in both our consumer and enterprise business units and in multiple channels including customer care and retail.
LimeBridge offer a unique frontline led design and get real change to happen quickly and impressively with double digit impact on core KPI’s in many of our countries. LimeBridge provide good people, a unique IP, a customer obsessed approach and an impressive partnering approach to our work together. 

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