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Never waste a good crisis 

As many organisations entered the COVID crisis they were forced to work in new ways and achieved changes in three weeks that many said would normally take three years.  The crisis tore down change barriers and sped decision making as only a good crisis can do. The sudden move to working from home wasn’t the only thing that happened. The restrictions also forced customers...

At-Home is Here to Stay in Some Form

The COVID-19 Pandemic will change ways of working permanently, in our opinion.  Even if a vaccine becomes available soon and workplaces start to re-open, many restrictions will remain.  These limitations mean the office isn’t always looking that attractive. Working from home has emerged as a useful part of the location mix and companies we are talking to, believ...

The world just changed but it needs to change again…

In March 2020 on every continent, many of the front-line operations of the world achieved a minor miracle in moving to at-home working. 

Some followed their existing Business Continuity Plans like well-oiled machines or just scaled up their existing at-home capability. Many organisations had no such capability and scrambled to implement new techno...

Getting creative is hard in a crisis

Over the last twenty years we have kept adding to our kit bag of things that make a difference quickly that can be applied in different types of crises. 

Many organisations today are looking for immediate workload and cost savings whilst others have been flooded with additional interactions because of the speed of change caused by the pandemic economic.  A third...

A technique to get rapid traction on customer improvements.

Insight about Customers without Asking Customers

Many organisations invest in research and feedback methods to understand how customers perceive the experience that they provide and to identify opportunities for improvement.  While these surveys certainly have their place, we think that as customers get more fatigued by surveys, organisatio...

The Great Debate between Regulators and Investors

In theory some of the recent scandals in corporate performance should have thrust customer issues to the front and centre for all executives and boards.  However, there is a great debate playing out in Australia between certain parts of the investment community, regulators and boards that may be holding back some businesses from greater customer mea...

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