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LimeBridge director, David Jaffe, is the co-author of three thought leading customer experience books: The Best Service is no Service (2008) and Your Customer Rules (2014), The Frictionless Organisation (2022) written with Bill Price, ex VP Customer Service at Amazon.

They have been translated into a number of languages and have become global best sellers, available in over 27 countries. The Best Service is no Service was even listed among the top ten CRM books of the last decade.

The Best Service is No Serice Book | LimeBridge | Custmer Experience Consultants
A New Direction in Customer Service?

With customer satisfaction and customer loyalty levels flat or declining in most industries, companies are scrambling to find solutions that meet short term necessities and provide lasting change. In the The Best Service is No Service, Bill Price and co-author David Jaffe describe a paradigm shift that moves the emphasis from accepting demand to challenging demand for customer-initiated contacts.

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Deliver Great Customer Experiences with Less Effort

Frictionless Organisations create products and services that work so well, their customers never have to contact them for the wrong reasons. This book will help any customer-facing organisation deliver better customer experiences, save money, and increase revenue. The book defines a straightforward methodology, drawing on over thirty practical examples from leading companies across four continents. The approach provides a radically different way for the whole business to focus on the customer experience.

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Experiences that customers demand

Now more than ever, every interaction you have with customers is critical. Customers today have unlimited information at their fingertips and can influence the purchase decisions and behaviors of millions of others. With this comes a shift in the balance of power, and every company must come to terms with the fact that the customer is in control. Interacting with customers is the key to business success.

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