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Our Approach

We have shown many times that better customer experiences are cheaper. Our belief is that “single dimension” solutions lead to disappointing results. Our rapid transformation programs simultaneously pull multiple change levers of People, Processes, Measurement, management and Technology to deliver results. We specialise in sustainable customer centric design led by front line staff.

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Understand the Customer Experience

We believe in observing the work you do first hand. We use our unique ‘Customer experience observer tool” to sample customer interactions through all your channels, telling us why customers make contact and how the enquiry or sale is handled. We compare your customers’ experience to a hierarchy of customer needs (see Your Customer Rules) and our previous 60+ studies to identify how you can improve.


We have used our Observer tool in over 60 organisations building an extensive benchmark database. We can assess your interactions against measures such as repeat rates, resolution rates and help you understand what drivers good and bad interaction demand. Our database lets you compare in depth inside and outside your industry.

Current Operations Review

This is where we dive deep into your current operations and capabilities and analyse your operating model: Processes, Resourcing, Incentives and Indicators, Structure and Management (our PRISM framework). We observe the daily rhythm of the operations and conduct interviews and workshops. We look at how technology is being used and highlight any gaps. We look at the integration of all these operating model dimensions. We find it is the linkages across these five dimensions that creates effective operations performance and valued customer experiences.

Customer Effort Mapping

Our approach to customer effort mapping involves following each customer process through all the touchpoints in the organisation until it is resolved. Our version of customer journey mapping is quantitative and therefore makes actions and investment decisions clear. We use a combination of existing data and our proven observation and analysis tools to quantify customer effort in all key processes. We then work with frontline staff to redesign the journey with best practices that remove work and reduce customer effort.

Business Case

Our experience in operating model transformation allows us to forecast benefits and costs with a high degree of accuracy. We build a measurable business case at the end of the diagnostic stage. As experienced implementers, we are proud of our success in matching or exceeding business case expectations.

Road Map

All our diagnostics include a detailed plan for implementation over 3 horizons – initial quick wins over 3-6 months, model transformations in 6-12 months and the longer term activities to drive further benefits over a year. Our road map includes phases for design, prepare, test & learn and rollout. Many of our programs start to deliver benefits in as little as 6-8 weeks.

Understand the Customer Experience Cartoon | LimeBridge | Custmer Experience Consultants
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Detailed design

In our 3-4 week design phase we use agile techniques to design a new operating model that can be fine-tuned in the Test & Learn phase that follows. During design, we work with the frontline to develop processes and define any role changes. We also hold extensive workshops and training sessions with Team Leaders and middle management to provide the tools and capability to run the operations.


We are consultants that not only analyse, but design and implement the solutions we recommend. The way we work with front line staff is essential to successful change management and effective implementation.  We always have a “Test and Learn” phase to refine the changes and measure benefits against the business case. Working closely with your people means we build internal capability so you sustain the change and improve further.

Test and Learn

Test and Learn is done in a controlled small group to minimise risks and prove in a short period that the expected benefits will be attained. Because of the agile principles used in the Design phase this is a time to refine and perfect the practices and all aspects of the operating model. Our focus during test and learn is on observing frontline staff using the new practices and intensive coaching for the team leaders and managers on how to perform their roles in the new operating model. We have found that working through the leadership staff is the only way to get a result and ensure sustainability. The lessons learnt in Test and Learn finesse the model and training materials in preparation for the wider implementation phase.

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