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Leadership Insights

We’re continually reflecting on matters in the customer experience space, and offer our insights in the 50+ white papers which you can access here as well as in our cartoons which offer more humorous insights of the customer experience.  You’ll also see details of the Customer Experience books co-authored by LimeBridge director David Jaffe and US-based Bill Price. 


We like to think that some of our perspectives are a little different to some of the ideas portrayed in the customer experience space.  Decades of experience have given us practical insights as to what is or isn’t effective. We hope our ideas may challenge you to think how you can improve the customer experience at a lower cost for your organisation.


We hope you find this material interesting and we always look forward to receiving feedback.


A selection of whitepapers we have written


Our great cartoons based on the crazy world of customer experience


Books on the customer experience by LimeBridge director, David Jaffe and his co-author, Bill Price

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