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Offshore Retail Network

The Challenge

An offshore telco with over 30 million subscribers was aware that the days when retailers could wait for customers to walk in and take up a mobile plan were over. They had to develop a sales culture to get the edge on competitors by understanding demand and driving the Holy Grail “sales from service”.

Our diagnostic highlighted that the store functional model, management and practices were hugely inconsistent by store and that staff had no sales methodology to match customer needs and benefits with product features.  Like most of the industry they were purely selling to a customers stated budget to ‘get the unit sale’; returns and complaints were high. Store managers did not have a structured approach to the day – there was no planning to meet periods of high customer demand or to build in time for coaching the sales staff.

Key Points
  • Offshore telecommunications company with 30 million subscribers

  • Mobile phone market was reaching saturation and providers needed to differentiate themselves

  • Sales staff were focussed on customer budgets not needs

  • Store managers had no ‘operational rhythm’ and were not helping sales staff to become effective sellers

  • We designed best practice that provided a proven sales methodology

  • We introduced a new management disciplines for Store Managers that helped them plan the day and become expert sales coaches

  • NPS improved by over 40%

  • Customers taking out high value contract plans increased by 200%

  • The new model is being implemented in 450 stores across the entire country

Our Solution

We designed best practice procedures that provided a proven sales methodology based on connecting with the customer, understanding their needs and explaining how the product features provided a benefit that matched the customer need.

Management disciplines were implemented that included a morning sales meeting, planning to meet peak periods for customer arrivals and allocated time for coaching observation and feedback. 


The pilot results showed:

  • customers taking higher value packages that were better suited to their needs

  • NPS increased by over 40%

  • high value contract plans sold increased by 200%. 


The new model is currently being implemented across the entire country.

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