Global Leadership Team

  • Bill Price

    Bill Price

    Bill Price is the President of Driva Solutions the LimeBridge member firm in the USA He brings over 22 years of service industry consulting and operations expertise, most recently at as the company's first VP/GM of Global Customer Service...

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  • David Jaffe

    David Jaffe

    David Jaffe is the Consulting Director and co founder of LimeBridge Australia. He is a customer experience delivery expert and is a regular speaker on customer experience management and customer advocacy. He has led work in customer service improvements...

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  • Graham Howard

    Graham Howard

    Graham Howard is also a Consulting Director of LimeBridge Australia. He combines successful careers in customer experience delivery and best management practice design and implementation. Graham's work has resulted in significant customer service...

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  • Ian Northmore

    Ian Northmore

    Ian is a the director of Rhea Consulting, the LimeBridge member firm in Singapore He specialises in enabling businesses to achieve strategic Customer Relationship Management and has more than 15 years experience in the contact centre industry. Ian’s...

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  • Joseph Kort

    Joseph Kort

    Joseph Kort is the President of Activeo, the LimeBridge member firm in France He has positioned Limebridge affiliate Activeo, as a key player in the specialized field of customer relationship consulting and contact centre integration. In 2004, Activeo...

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  • MD Ramaswami

    MD Ramaswami

    MD Ramaswami is the Managing Director of Celtycs the LimeBridge member firm in India Until Recently, he was Managing Director of Dell International Services, Dell Computer's first international call centre in Bangalore, India. He joined Dell in early 2001...

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  • Osamu Taniguchi

    Osamu Taniguchi

    Osamu Taniguchi is the President of e-partners, the LimeBridge member firm in Japan. He is an experienced contact centre professional with an excellent track record in Unisys, MCI and Amazon. Understanding the technology and the operations, with...

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  • Peter Massey

    Peter Massey

    Peter Massey is the Managing Director of Budd, the LimeBridge member firm in the UK. He is an expert in Customer Experience Management, a regular speaker on the topic and a Judge on many of the UK's top industry awards. Peter is a a serial entrepreneur...

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  • Peter Morrison

    Peter Morrison is also a Consulting Director of LimeBridge Australia. He has significant industry experience in customer service delivery in Australia, United Kingdom and the USA. Over the last 15 years he has transformed many of Australia's largest...

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  • Stephan Pucker

    Stephan Pucker

    Stephan is the Managing Director of Ad Scopum - the LimeBridge member firm in Germany Stephan's record includes extensive experience in customer management consulting. Over the previous 10 years he has assisted major companies in various industries in...

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  • Toby Detter

    Toby Detter

    Toby Detter is a director of LimeBridge Scandinavia. He is one of Europe's top experts in the field of Customer Management and in strategic marketing. Toby Detter has developed an approach to customer management used today around the world in the energy...

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