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We use this as a design thinking story in frontline CX workshops

Leg of Lamb Story

Shortly after their return from honeymoon, and as his wife was preparing to leave for work, the husband suggested he cook his famous lamb roast that evening. 


He asked his wife to grab one on the way home and to remember to ask the butcher to chop off the bone from the end of the meat, and bring it home with her.

She said she would but was curious and asked why on earth to do that.  He answered that his mother’s famous recipe was clear about it, and it dramatically improved the taste of the roast.

So indeed she brought a the lamb home and the husband diligently prepared his famous roast, with the extra bone bit for flavour.  And indeed, it did taste wonderful, and they enjoyed a beautiful meal.

Naturally, his wife was still curious about the extra bone.  And after a bit of discussion his curiosity was piqued, so he ended up phoning his mother.  “Hey mum I just cooked the famous roast recipe, and we were curious as to the bone chopping thing, how does it make the roast taste better?”

His mother answered that her mother had taught her to roast the leg of lamb that way, it had become a famous family tradition.  After a bit more discussion, and as her mother was living with her, she said “Why don’t we ask grandma, she’s right here having her evening coffee”.

So she asked the grandmother the same question.  The grandmother gathered her thoughts for a minute, then answered:

“When I was young, my husband bought me my first proper cooker, and it had a small oven compartment, and a whole leg of lamb just couldn’t fit in it”

So, I always had to chop the bone end off to fit it in my oven.”

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