What We Do

Our Services

LimeBridge Australia’s proven methodology of research, design and implementation provides a multi-dimensional view of how you deliver your customer experiences. Using our proprietary methodologies and tools, we will work with you to investigate and redefine key aspects of your operation. We offer four integrated programs:

  • Discover Opportunities: Understand the drivers of interactions and opportunities to improve the customer experience;
  • Reduce Demand: reduce unwanted contacts while leveraging the valuable ones
  • Transform Supply: transform multiple dimensions of your sales and service operations to make them efficient and effective;
  • Leverage Feedback: listen better to your customers and embed improvement into everyday activities.

We offer each service individually or as combinations, depending on your needs. For optimum results, we recommend a rigorous diagnostic first to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current service model.

Then we can choose the most appropriate program based on your current issues and your strategic objectives. Often a program will combine creating a better operating model, reducing unwanted demand and introducing a continuous improvement methodology.