Leverage Feedback

Drive continuous experience improvement through the WOCAS Programme

Turn customer feedback into action

The day-to-day feedback that customers give to front line staff is an untapped resource for most organisations, even though it contains the building blocks for transforming the customer experience.

Our proven process captures qualitative and quantitative information during everyday activities and uses it to drive ongoing business improvement.

Even better, it brings together all your feedback sources and links them in one common process. We guarantee you will begin to drive meaningful change within weeks and enjoy exponential improvements for years.

Leverage Feedback


Our continuous refinement solution

Many organisations invest heavily in customer research and feedback but find it expensive to perform, with limited sample sizes and depth. They also find it hard to turn the resulting information into action.

Yet every day, staff in your customer care centre, administration area or retail outlets connect with your customers and get feedback from them. Each interaction has the potential to provide you with high quality business intelligence, without the expense of surveys or focus groups.

LimeBridge Australia’s continuous refinement solution, What Our Customers Are Saying (WOCAS), brings together the comments customers make with the reasons they contact you, letting you manage both in one process. WOCAS not only helps your organisation to harness this valuable information, it helps you to analyse and apply it to making your business more successful.

Using this process, you can bring together multiple sources of feedback, such as complaints or customer satisfaction surveys, and manage all the information and improvement ideas in a single place. The solution also helps you to research issues and solutions with your front line team, leading to increased staff engagement.

Using our unique program of methodologies and tools, we will help you to plan and implement new ways to capture and leverage what your customers are saying. Firstly, our proprietary, web-enabled voice-of-customer tool will record, aggregate and analyse their frustrations, ideas and reactions. Secondly, we will bring multiple feedback sources together in one place. Then the analysis will integrate seamlessly into a prioritised action program that tracks remedial activities and communicates outcomes back to your front line staff.

All this happens without compromising service quality or investing in high cost, complex technology.

Customers will know their voices are being heard; customer-facing staff will see they are helping to improve your business; and your organisation will benefit from reduced costs and higher productivity.

Like other LimeBridge Australia solutions, WOCAS is different to other programs in the marketplace.

WOCAS is holistic. Instead of taking the traditional narrow approach to improving the customer experience, WOCAS harnesses the resources of your whole organisation. Rather than just driving improvements from one source of feedback, it recognises multiple sources. It provides hard business evidence that will convince managers in relevant business units to work together to identify and remove the root causes of frustrations that drive customers to contact your organisation again and again.

WOCAS is organic. WOCAS turns contact demand into free feedback on the issues that need fixing, embedding continuous refinement into every customer experience activity as a natural extension of everyday business. Your contact centre, branch, back office, complaints line, automatic call distributor, customer satisfaction team…they all contribute to communicating what your customers are saying to every level of your organisation.

WOCAS is not just a system. While technology is a terrific tool, true business transformation relies on making fundamental changes to the people and practices the systems support. Our program is 10% systems and 90% a comprehensive management program that transforms attitudes, methodologies and processes.


Our related techniques and tools


WOCAS.net connects your customers, customer experience team and the rest of your business in a continuous refinement loop.

Each time a front line employee interacts with a customer online, on the phone or in person, they can record information about the encounter using WOCAS.net’s customised pull-down menus. WOCAS.net then brings together this feedback with other sources and identifies and prioritises common themes; allocates responsibility for the solutions; links qualitative feedback and quantitative contact tracking; enables solution owners and managers to track progress; and provides feedback to your front line team. Continuous refinement is embedded into daily activities throughout your organisation, so everyone contributes.

WOCAS.net is a web-based solution, so your staff require just a web browser and internet access to use it. It has no impact on your current technology environment, is easy to use, and totally secure.


While WOCAS.net provides a qualitative view of customer information, Skyline is a quantitative tool. The WOCAS program links the two systems.

Skyline makes product and process owners more accountable for the contacts they cause by tracking demand, what causes it, and the associated day to day costs of dealing with it.

It generates the hard facts you need to construct a business case for action by every area of your organisation that impacts the customer experience.


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