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Diagnose the customer experience through the Contact Analysis Programme

Understand your customer experience

Greater market share, fewer complaints, reduced cost to serve, exceeded sales targets, falling staff turnover… the opportunities associated with improved customer experiences may be clear, but the process to achieve them may be hidden.

Our objective diagnostic quickly reveals what you need to do and provides fact-based ideas for improving key performance and experience measures by 25% or more.

It also provides you with a benchmark of current performance and measures things that are hard to gauge, such as current resolution and repeat contact rates and the barriers to self service take up.

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Our diagnostic service

Whether you are charged with improving customer satisfaction, responding to year on year budget cuts or facing higher contact volumes, LimeBridge Australia’s diagnostic service will help you identify what to change, how to change it and build the business case for change. It will provide a detailed snapshot of your business against a range of experience measures that you may not have today.

It will give you clear visibility of what is happening to your customers, and why. Using our unique contact analysis process and tools, we produce a detailed view of your current customer experiences. We examine what is driving demand for interaction, assess the quality of those interactions and identify what will change the outcomes. But we don’t just look at your customer interactions. We can also analyse your self service and customer navigation structures and identify how to improve them, and assess all dimensions of your operating model to assess where you could improve it.

Our diagnostic uncovers the causes of poor customer experiences that let down your organisation:

  • Processes that make no sense to the customer;
  • Organisation and work structures that prevent timely resolution;
  • Practices that frustrate staff and reduce their engagement;
  • Ineffective performance measurement metrics;
  • Technology obstacles and gaps;
  • Overly complex menu and routing systems;
  • Management bogged down in administration.
  • Self service that is hard to use

We can uncover all these issues and more in a comprehensive report that benchmarks performance and recommends the priority steps for investment based on quantified benefits. For many organisations, a LimeBridge Australia diagnostic has been the first step towards complete transformation of their customer experiences and the associated operating model. They have achieved greatly improved efficiency, effectiveness and growth.


Our related techniques and tools

Contact observation tool

This gathers details about each contact, from the impact on the customer to whether resolution was achieved and if not, why not. We add and revise fields, categories and menus to reflect your customer experience environment and needs.

The tool can be configured for any organisation, industry, type of interface (face to face, online, telephone, postal) and contact function (sales, service, information, complaints).
Often we use it to compare and contrast across channels or business lines e.g. how long a payment takes in the branch compared to over the phone.

Value/irritant matrix

This framework classifies how valuable or irritating each type of contact is to your customers and your business, along with its frequency. We use it to devise contact and channel strategies to maximise, minimise or eliminate common contact types according to their value.

PRISM operating model diagnostic

We assess the maturity of your customer operations against the five operating model dimensions of LimeBridge Australia’s PRISM model: Practices, Resourcing, Indicators, Structure and Management.

PRISM provides a complete view of the operating environment. We can benchmark your operational maturity against global, industry and corporate best practice. We use the results to design a more effective model.

Technology assessment framework

LimeBridge Australia is technology-independent and agnostic, so we are well placed to conduct an objective review of the systems you use to deliver the customer experience and identify weaknesses and gaps.

Through our observation process and PRISM operating model diagnostic, we can help you assess how your technology is impacting the customer experience. We can suggest areas that need addressing and how to build the business case for further investment.

Self-service (and menu) usability analysis toolset

Many self service solutions (web sites, IVRs, speech systems) don’t get the expected take up or become ineffective because they are poorly designed or out of date.

This toolset was built by US Human Factors experts who understood what makes self service technology usable. It provides a scientific approach to assessing the effectiveness of phone or online self service options.

We identify detailed changes that increase take up and effective use of your self service. We also help you assess how your manned and self service channels work together.

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