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Improve service and sales operations through the PRISM Programme

Transforming customer service

Our holistic approach to improving customer experience operations typically delivers 20-30% performance improvements within months by increasing efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.

With our knowledge, tools and proven methodology, you can achieve a similar transformation, creating a streamlined, customer focused operation run on best practice principles.

Transform Supply


Our service improvement program

When you are fully occupied managing daily operations, it can be difficult to step back and consider a different way of doing things. Many organisations approach LimeBridge Australia because they want a fresh perspective on how to make their customer experience operations more efficient and effective. They look to us for objective advice on what is possible – or not – based on our decades of experience and our knowledge of national and international benchmarks.

In many cases, we discover a major disconnect between the business’s strategic direction and its customer facing functions. The reasons for this vary. They include fundamental organisational change; different customer dynamics; more complex product offerings; or even new technologies. We usually find that the customer experience operation has failed to evolve in a way that matches these changes, or that it is having trouble keeping pace. This can result in high levels of operational inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction as front line staff try to deal with increased contact volume, duration and complexity using the same old tools and processes.

These situations present plenty of opportunity for LimeBridge Australia to help you transform your customer experience operation into a world class strategic asset. As well as addressing specific issues, our customised program will improve the cost and effectiveness of your entire customer experience area. Our previous Australian implementations have all delivered overall performance gains of 20% to 30% on key operational measures.

We achieve these results because our approach addresses the five key influences of operational performance. The LimeBridge Australia philosophy is that single issue solutions such as a technology fix cannot solve a multi-dimensional, people-focused problem. While technology has a role to play, it is not our starting point. Instead, we apply a broader business framework called the PRISM model of effective operational management. PRISM stands for:

Indicators and Incentives,
Structure and;

To ensure sustainable improvements, we scope and select appropriate business changes for all five dimensions to create a more effective operating model. We tailor the PRISM program to your organisation, so every one of our organisational solutions is subtly different. However, our revised models generally:

  • Provide new, fact-based strategies for all aspects of your customer experience operation
  • Streamline processes to make them more effective for the customer and more efficient for your organisation
  • Make better use of resources
  • Free up team leaders to spend time on coaching and performance improvement
  • Extract full business value from your existing technologies
  • Separate calls into two (or more) main groups of a first contact team and a second level resolution or support team
  • Align your processes with external best practice. Provide a sustainable solution that can be refined to suit future market conditions
  • Following a PRISM transformation, your customers will experience better service, your staff will enjoy clearer roles and career models, and your organisation will be more efficient and effective.


Viewing your organisation through the PRISM program

There are six main drivers of success when improving your customer experience operation: Designing structures, processes and technologies around customers’ needs and following agreed best practice principles

  • A simple, logical self service and routing system that breaks down complexity by the type of contact rather than by product or function
  • A flexible resourcing model that optimises staff allocation according to skills levels
  • The use of smart technology systems that change staff behaviour
  • Active managers who are empowered to focus on what drives better experiences and performance
  • Well-designed customer experience solutions based on intimate knowledge of customer behaviour patterns

LimeBridge Australia’s PRISM program addresses all these drivers and more.

We have developed PRISM as a unique end-to-end service improvement program for customer experience operations. Its five dimensions form a clear framework for assessing and redesigning operating models to create more efficient and effective working environments.


Creating an excellent customer experience at lower cost means following best practice procedures for every aspect of contact flow, work management and customer interaction. We work closely with your team to develop and document customised procedures based on our extensive knowledge of best practice approaches. Our goal is to ensure more consistent and effective service delivery – every time.


We frequently find that the existing model for staff recruitment, training and allocation fails to support the organisation’s practices, procedures and goals. By connecting all people management processes with the new service model, we help you to create a more flexible and aligned resourcing model that makes it easier to service customer demand, supports accurate resourcing, and enables better forecasting.

Incentives and Indicators

One drives the required behaviours and the other measures them; both are critical for maximising performance, service quality and staff retention. We help you to determine the most appropriate KPIs and reporting procedures for improving performance in a way that balances your organisation’s and your customers’ needs.


Clearly defined roles are vital for delivering a great customer experience. We reorganise your work structure around contact complexity rather than products or functions. Your new operating model will have more capacity, support better training and provide clearer management visibility.

Management processes

A PRISM-designed model frees up team leaders and line managers to manage in a way that shifts their attention from administration to teaching new ways of working. We provide them with the skills and knowledge to drive through the behaviour changes that will improve their staff’s performance and effectiveness.

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