Reduce Demand

Manage and reduce customer interactions through the Skyline Programme

Reduce and manage demand

Nearly one in three customer calls, emails and visits is unnecessary and a further 30-40% may be better handled by self service. Yet many businesses treat this demand as a given rather than a huge opportunity.

Companies who understand this demand, who is accountable and how to address it have delivered 25% year on year reductions in contacts.

This process delivers huge cost savings and better customer experiences and has been proven both in Australia and internationally

Reduce Demand


Our Contact Demand Reduction and Management Service

Our philosophy at LimeBridge Australia is that demand for customer contact is not a given. Many organisations are so busy “coping” with demand that they don’t have the time to question it. We also find companies hold the wrong people accountable for this contact. They haven’t recognised that those fielding the contacts only “cause” 10-15% of these. Our approach to demand management has produced amazing results for leaders such as

Using these techniques in Australia we have reduced contact demand by 20% or more within six months. We have ways to identify the cause of each contact, techniques that allow you to remove and reduce contacts and solutions to help you get better take up of self service. Customers love this approach to contact management because many contacts are irritating to them and many prefer the convenience of well designed self service.

But this isn’t just about a one off wave of improvements. We establish a set of processes to enable you to manage contact demand continuously. This allows you to reduce the rate of contact month on month and year on year. It enables you to get on top of interactions driven by changes right across the business and hold the right departments accountable.

As part of the process we will help you work out how to get more use of the self service you already have and work out where to prioritise further investment. Our self service analysis tools help you remove any frustrations for the customer in the current experience.

The outcome for your business will be reduced contact volumes through expensive manned channels, happier customers who have to make fewer “irritating contacts” and better return on your self service investments. Built-in demand management methodologies will ensure the performance improvements keep coming.

LimeBridge Australia has introduced this solution to many large Australian organisations. They have all improved productivity, driven down costs and increased customer satisfaction


Our related techniques and tools


LimeBridge Australia’s Skyline program lies at the heart of demand control. It turns masses of data into useful, actionable information that supports systemic change, improving both productivity and the customer experience.

With Skyline, you will have a clear view of why customers are contacting you and the workload involved. You can use it to analyse sources of customer frustration; allocate responsibility for customer interactions across your organisation; and drive and measure improvements in customer service.

Self-service (and menu) usability analysis toolset

Many self service solutions don’t get the expected take up or become ineffective because they are poorly designed or out of date. This toolset provides a scientific approach to assessing the effectiveness of phone or online self service options. We identify detailed changes that increase take up and effective use of your self service and help to assess how your staffed and self service channels work together.


LimeBridge Australia’s What Our Customers Are Saying (WOCAS) program supports continuous improvement through routine analysis and reporting. It identifies trends in reasons for customer contacts and prioritises them according to their potential business impact.

It also tracks and manages the progress of improvement initiatives. The program links and embeds continuous improvement into daily activities at all points of customer contact – e.g. call centre, branch, back office, complaints, customer satisfaction – so everyone contributes to the process.


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