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2021: The Year in Review through our White Papers

2021 White Papers Recap

It’s always interesting looking back over the year to see if a theme emerged in our white papers or whether the business or general climate were the trigger. For the first half of 2021, some of our thinking was provoked by ideas that were brought to the fore by the pandemic.

The change in channel use, the need to change citizen behaviour and queue management were all topics that were triggered by those external events. Some of the other topics were inspired by presentations at our Chief Customer Officer Forum which met in May and October. Our remaining ideas emerged from things we saw at clients or the research we did for our new book “The Frictionless Organization” which will be published next year.

We share this summary (below) because we know that sometimes these reach people when they are busy, or the timing is wrong. We have included a two-sentence recap so you can decide which to explore. The paper name hyperlinks to the web site copy. All are available as PDFs if you would like a copy. If you have read them all already, then hats off to you (there will be a test later!).

As always, we appreciate your opinions on any of these. Of course we would be more than happy to discuss any with you and can be contacted on +61 3 9499 3550, 0438 652 396 or email

Have a great break.

The LimeBridge team

This paper is part 1 of two focused on customer contact resolution. It describes the difficulties in measuring resolution which is the customer’s main goal. It describes common measurement flaws and alternatives.

This paper is part 2 of The Resolution Holy Grail. It explores the common obstacles to resolution and then describes mechanisms that address these obstacles.

This is a write up of five key themes that emerged at the 34th meet of the CCO Forum. It included ideas on the importance of observing real customer experiences, mechanisms to involve parts of the business in customer issues and the importance of anchoring new strategies and product investments in customer needs.

Queues and backlog management is a key part of managing all customer facing operations. This paper outlines tactics to predict, prevent and manage queues and defines some counter-intuitive strategies.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought digital interaction to the fore. This paper looks at five myths associated with omni channel design and strategy. It identifies solutions to five common issues.

Covid-19 vaccines raised issues for us in managing change for customers. This paper explored five things that make changing customer behaviour hard and how to address them.

This paper shared some highlights from the CCO Forum 33rd meeting which looked at how organizations had flexed their models to deal with Covid-19. One of the emerging themes was how important culture had been to businesses that had thrived through Covid.

This paper explored the value of diverse workforces. It then considered how change and technology have added to the potential for diversity in the workforce and the benefits for the organisation, the workforce as a whole and of course for the individuals involved.

This paper discusses a simple alternative to NPS and customer satisfaction that can be measured without surveys. It is an overall measure of simplicity for the customer (and cost for the business) that is called CPX .

This paper explores channel trends that occurred in 2020 because of covid-19 and the implications of these trends. It looks at the change in work complexity and the potential for new operating models for the “anywhere” contact centre.


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