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18 May 2018

Human Behaviour 101

“You get what you measure”, is among the oldest sayings in business. Unfortunately, numerous traditional measures undermine the customer experience. However, in this era of new customer experience tools, many of the measures that are possible have changed. We think that a lot more is possible. Why? The majority of businesses we work with have embraced post interaction surveys an...

9 Mar 2018

Customer Experience Design is Addictive

Being a customer experience designer is addictive and all pervasive.  Once you understand and care about it, almost every interaction you have in life with a company or organisation becomes an opportunity to critique and learn.   Walking onto a plane or into a coffee shop or a sports or entertainment venue you are continuously assessing the experience.  This...

14 Feb 2018

Are all digital experiences by definition better?

Business and government seem addicted to “digitising everything”. Currently, all our clients of the last three years in the private or public sector have had digital strategies.  The idea of digital disruption has been flavour of the month across the business world.  There are clear customer benefits in most of these strategies.

The most often q...

9 Nov 2017

What we learnt at the Chief Customer Officer Forum

The Chief Customer Officer Forum is an “invitation-only un- conference” that we have run twice a year since 2004. It has forty cross-industry executive members who either own the customer or the experience. They share in-depth discussions of key customer trends and hear from business leaders such as CEOs, ex CEOs, board members and thought leaders....

20 Sep 2017

The predictable but unexpected impact of digital, bots and chat bots
Digital channels have grown exponentially in the last fifteen years. Customers are keen to use well- structured digital solutions that are convenient and save time. The growth of on-line shopping and on-line sales and service is accelerating and customers clearly like it when it works well. Many pure digital businesses like Amazo...

24 May 2017

We are constantly amazed…

When we thought up this cartoon about “risk “being let loose on customer journeys, we took the idea to extremes of course! Unfortunately, there is more than a grain of truth to the idea and all too often we have found designs of sales and service journeys where “risk and control”, seemed to be the main design thinking.

For example, recently we observed sales reps who must r...

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