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1 Apr 2016

Feedback Frenzy

Everyone seems to be jumping on the feedback band wagon. As customers we are often asked what we thought of that last call we had with an agent, the last stay in a hotel, the last flight, last visit or even the last football season of our team (yes that happens). Of course we understand that it’s great to listen to customers and that it can be useful to measure front line staff and...

1 Mar 2016

The media often promotes the idea that major companies who cut costs must be hurting their customers. We disagree. Of course cost cutting hurts the customer if it is done the wrong way. Some companies have understaffed their service operations, created backlogs or restricted access to manned service. Others have forced use of automation in ways that customers  find difficult. But ironically it is...

1 Feb 2016


A client of ours approached us with an interesting challenge; build a customer centric operation whilst creating the capacity for planned growth of the business. The organisation had just been through a period of dramatic change within its product set and infrastructure. The contact centre, although keeping pace with these changes, was struggling to meet service levels and achieve sales...

1 May 2015

Trust is the currency of customer centric businesses
At our recent CCO Forum meeting we were fortunate to host marketing guru Don Peppers whose books (with co author Dr Martha Rogers) on subjects such One to One Marketing (The One to One Future 1993) and Customer Equity (Return on Customer 2005) have reshaped how people think about customers and their true contribution to business.  Their most r...

1 Feb 2015

Introduction - It’s about the leadership, stupid*

Every manager we have spoken to in the last decade has reiterated that creating excellence in customer service must start with the management team. Some companies complain that the ‘engineers’ have taken over the asylum and that the customer isn’t remotely in their strategic thinking. Then others rejoice in a CEO led top down customer centric cultur...

1 Sep 2014

Offshoring is growing in Australia as the economy cools. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of customer processes sent offshore in the back office. However, a more recent trend has also seen the shift of front of ce customer interactions such as calls. Many companies seem to believe that the only way they can meet market expectations for bottom line improvement is to exploit the labo...

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