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1 Jun 2012

Outside In or Inside Out? 

We’ve observed that many customer facing operations have been designed from an internal rather than a customer perspective. For example, skills and processes are broken down into specialisations and structures that make them easy to organise and manage for the company. Unfortunately, there is often a big mismatch between these structures and those that deliver effective c...

1 Oct 2011

If only it was as easy as the vendors say

In the customer service and sales areas, technology vendors have been parading their array of silver bullets for many years. “Workflow software”, then “CRM solutions”, “quality management products”. “Speech recognition” and “Skill based routing” are among those touted as the “best things since sliced bread” (a product also less in demand today). However, ti...

1 Oct 2011

Many companies may be harming their results with a single dimension solution. A ‘multi-dimensional‘ approach may provide dramatic improvements in both productivity and the customer experience.

Those who promote and sell single dimension solutions will claim that the one they have is the answer. But of course these single dimensional answers rarely produce miraculous results.

We’ll explore how a numb...

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