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1 Sep 2014


The FIFA World Cup is fantastic viewing at the moment and we have been dazzled by the efforts of the premier 32 world teams. So it got us thinking about what makes world class operating models in business and what makes them sustainable over time. We’ve been lucky enough to work with and see hundreds of different organisations both here in Australia and overseas, and we began to realis...

1 Aug 2014


As we look around customer sales and service operations we see many businesses striving to find a better way to organise their work and people. They are in search of organisation models that make them more efficient and effective. Typically they are looking for:

  • Greater first contact resolution of customer issues and a positive experience from the interaction

  • Minimised customer...

1 Jul 2014


We completely understand the temptation for organisations to try and save money by moving work offshore. The potential labour cost savings and getting away from some of the inflexibility of our regulated workplaces, is a seductive mix. But unfortunately, customers are starting to associate offshore solutions with poor experiences. In some of our clients we also know that poorly managed o...

1 Jul 2014

In a recent white paper we described that there were alternatives to offshoring to cut costs and improve the customer experience. We know however, that offshoring is growing in Australia (and elsewhere) as the economy cools. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of customer processes sent offshore in the front and back office. Many companies believe that it is the quickest and easiest w...

1 Jun 2014

The hype around “Omni channel” and “Multi-channel” has become so intense you’d think it was a recipe for instant business success. In some companies it seems like a belated response to the fact that their legacy channels (e.g. bricks and mortar stores) have become a mill stone around the share price in the face of an assault by nimble new entrants with business models built on lower cost and newer...

1 Apr 2014


Revenue growth seems to be in short supply these days. Sales competition is fierce in many sectors and there are other nasty trends such as re-intermediation (brokers and others being a necessary avenue for sales) and websites that allow customers to compare and contrast. So when companies do have a sales opportunity or a service opportunity, where the circumstances are right for a sale,...

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