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1 Jun 2014

The hype around “Omni channel” and “Multi-channel” has become so intense you’d think it was a recipe for instant business success. In some companies it seems like a belated response to the fact that their legacy channels (e.g. bricks and mortar stores) have become a mill stone around the share price in the face of an assault by nimble new entrants with business models built on lower cost and newer...

1 Apr 2014


Revenue growth seems to be in short supply these days. Sales competition is fierce in many sectors and there are other nasty trends such as re-intermediation (brokers and others being a necessary avenue for sales) and websites that allow customers to compare and contrast. So when companies do have a sales opportunity or a service opportunity, where the circumstances are right for a sale,...

1 Mar 2014


The last few months have been a disaster for some industries in Australia. The trend for business to relocate to lower cost locations has been well publicised in manufacturing and mining. But the offshoring trend in back office and customer facing work, has been just as profound in many other industries, over the last five years.

As a business, we are agnostic about offshoring. If compa...

1 May 2013

The Need for Flexibility

In our March whitepaper we talked about the need for resource flexibility to be able to match variable customer demand on an hourly, daily, weekly and seasonal basis. We expressed our surprise that in 90% of the operations we work with, the workforce is relatively “ fixed” in response to variable demand.

Most operations have some combination of time of day, day or week or se...

1 Mar 2013

Since the GFC hit in 2008 both business and government have become more focused on
cost and efficiency. In our experience of service related industries (i.e. those other than
primary production and manufacturing) the spotlight has been, inevitably, on the people
intensive part of the operation such as back office administration, calls centres and retail
networks. Operations management in these env...

1 Feb 2013

The Need for Flexibility

We don’t get it. We work with organisations that have highly variable demand with weekly, hourly, seasonal and time of month variations. We specialise in designing and implementing optimal operating models for contact centres, back office and retail networks. Yet in 90% of the operations we work with, the workforce is relatively “fixed” in response to this variable demand.


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